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woah thats some deep stuff

May 19, 2015
By cat_the_creative GOLD, Austin, Texas
cat_the_creative GOLD, Austin, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
All endings are beginnings

We can think and think and try to understand
We can try and try to find out
There's a point where we stop and just stop
There's things we just can't understand
We're we meant to understand
Who is we
This may all be a dream
But how could life be a dream someone must have a dream
And with out someone it's not possible
No one believed in magic
But what's magic
We aren't able to exist
See once agin you must stop to think
Before your head explodes
We must not be meant to figure this out
How is this what's meant to be
There's theory's and legends
No more then 3 dementions to comprehend
The suspension the time when we think what this here place must be
What's happening in a different galexy
The imagination believing we are alive
we are just a story being told

The author's comments:

just some deep thoughs

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