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Fate's Fight

June 23, 2015
By DanteDrakien PLATINUM, Ogden, Utah
DanteDrakien PLATINUM, Ogden, Utah
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"Do not go gentle in that good night, Rage rage against the dying of the light"

Whenever the stars shine,

All becomes dark, but light,

This is all to find,

But not if we obtain the sight,

The stars are our power,

They give us the light,

They allow us to see the tower,

And then from the stars, appear dragons, of silver and gold,

And they lock their eyes,

One is wise, the other bold,

Each take to the skies,

And an endless inferno burns these rivers of star light,

Be be in their pressence is to burn,

But to see the fight,

Every head would turn,

But this isn't only their blight,

We all succumb to this fate,

It's all our fight,

To find in each other a mate,

One we can see,

One who can feel,

That it's all meant to be,

That this isn't all unreal,

And soon, these rivers will be clean,

All will be at peace,

The pace of it all will be serene,

And all fighting will sease,

The author's comments:

Couldn't get it all. Sorry if it's got mixed meanings, I was a bit distracted. Hope you enjoy.

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