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July 23, 2015
By joebro SILVER, Compton, California
joebro SILVER, Compton, California
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Dreams are like a box of chocolates, if you hold on and think about them for to long it will all start to melt away.

I didn't want to be like all those other guys

That was all up in your face and deep up in your eyes

I didn't want my feelings for you to be known

Like Tyree did so i had tp keep a certain tone

But then the most unthinkable action was done

My heart screamed stay while my brain said run

Ignoring both of them i just went with the flow

A kiss soon began and all i could say was whoa

Time passed by and i soon got attached

A like that grew into a love is what soon hatched

Afraid and scraed i tried my best to avoid

But the longer i was away the more i got annoyed

That's when i asked her to spend the last night with me

She smiled and walked away and that was the last time i saw you Kumi

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