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Zoom out

November 16, 2015
By AndreB BRONZE, Sunshine, Louisiana
AndreB BRONZE, Sunshine, Louisiana
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The boy looks to be struggling like a man trying lift a car

But yet looks like this is a friendly nightmare

He looks to live this before

The boy has a gun to his head like he is a hostage

He looks like he has lived this before

Yet he seems to be in pain

Pain seems to be peace to him

Zoom out

Look closer he is grinding his teeth as if he is struggling

He must not like pain but is familiar

The gun to his head does not look to both him

IT seems there is more to it and he is getting hurt

He seems he is a innocent kid

He looks to have a bad hair cut as if people have cut it up

That could be what is painful for him

Think about maybe that is how they cause pain

He seems to have a towel on is that for blood or for hair

Zoom out

Now what is seen is all ok

He is getting a haircut

A hair cut by to young girls who just are playing around

The reason it is bad is because they are kids not caring

It is all ok

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