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Wings Made of Wax

December 31, 2015
By KatalyticReaction GOLD, Frisco, Texas
KatalyticReaction GOLD, Frisco, Texas
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There’s this story
About a boy named Icarus
With wings made of wax
Who flew too close to the sun
And drowned in the sea

And it’s funny

Because he aimed for the stars
And instead of burning

He drowned.

And they use this story
To warn kids
About the limitations of humans

But I’ve always seen it
As a warning
About the limitations of wax as an adhesive

The author's comments:

Completely inspired by Randall Munroe, who once said, "But I’ve never seen the Icarus story as a lesson about the limitations of humans. I see it as a lesson about the limitations of wax as an adhesive."

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