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swampy hearts

July 19, 2017
By Amsterdamsel DIAMOND, Henderson , Nevada
Amsterdamsel DIAMOND, Henderson , Nevada
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here come

creeping thoughts of longing

like a monsoon sweeping

across starry-night drenched dunes


Our own Garden of Eden

once so heavenly

a place That now exists hopelessly in

my imagination


And it is There we are whole

you are grinning widely at me

Never ever leaving me!


There I come back to you


I hear the croaking frogs

and feel heavy mist shrouding my skin

blanketing our moist bodies

"I will never harm you"

Whispered in my ear!


Trust was Alive, gathering and


inside my heart

a Dear beating creation

precious and fluttering like a red bird


We nurtured it together

feeding faith with the nourishment of

our everlasting love



so many times

our lips crashed


-waves merging with shore


"This will never end"

you murmured in my ear

always I go back

to the memory of your arms

wrapped around me

strong like tree limbs


The GrandMother of the swamp

supported our love

rooted far underneath the wet Earth

her deep affectionate breath

radiated throughout my Being


She, the GrandMother Oak

moaned and sighed into me

her magnificence


Oh how she loved our romance!

Oh how she too promised it would

never end!


Your betrayal choked the red bird

and from our nest it fell

to waste away on the forest floor

and I grasped that empty space

inside my rib cage


smelling those words on you

"I dont love you anymore"


Weeping like her sister Willow,

GrandMother promised something new-

to rejuvenate my

mind body and spirit

after eternal love was

lost with you

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