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Star Girl

August 15, 2017
By Milo_J_Henry BRONZE, Greenville, South Carolina
Milo_J_Henry BRONZE, Greenville, South Carolina
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And you'll find me,

Somewhere in a galaxy

Drowning in an ocean of color.

I'm finally free!

I'll float among the stars that'll

illuminate my skin.

The red scars that used to stripe

my back- like some sort of tiger-

won't be there anymore.

Instead, those kisses from loving

lips will have been planted on me.

Growing like trees, up, up, up.

Will you find me?

Will you finally latch onto

forgiveness that you've so

desperately rejected. Like a clock

that refuses to have its rusty gears

fixed. And then you'll find me?

But time isn't something that we 

can both afford.

Your hair is growing long

And I am getting old.


Did you see me yesterday?

When I held onto him,

After we said we'll meet them later.

Am I a woman to you now?

I saw you sitting on the sidelines

And my heart shook.

Was it sadness that colored your

eyes? That made them look elsewhere?

Your green shirt reflected the

shade of summer- away from the


Should I say 'hi'? And cling onto

you with tears studding my eyes.

Because a Father shouldn't be

away from his daughter like you


But Love told me to be quiet, for

now at least. This was not the time

or place.

I hid behind my wall of friends, still

clinging onto him- You're still so

skinny now.


I hated you, you know.

I drank that poison for the longest


Just like you drank yours every

Friday night when I was 9.

It didn't matter to me if you were gone

from me then.

Mama and I were just fine.

And I would've gladly sent an arrow

through your heart if it meant that

you were finally gone.

But clarity slapped my face red,

and Love danced me into


And it'll be Love that will continue

to let me forgive you.


Oh, but how long will you let

yourself stay in that foggy prison

with walls made of glass?

Haven't you heard me tapping?

Mama's calling?

Your sister's tears?

And Love's begging?

But we can only see your figure,

cloaked in shadow, with a smile 

tailored by grief.

And your hand touching the cold,

clear, walls.

Only you can let the walls fall- the

glass shatter.

And we'll be together again.

Love will chase away the fog with

his Heart.

But only you can fish that dream

out of the oceans of your mind.

Aren't we reason enough to be


Or will I be a star girl that you can

never reach.

Because it was too late.

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