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my boy

December 4, 2017
By Amsterdamsel DIAMOND, Henderson , Nevada
Amsterdamsel DIAMOND, Henderson , Nevada
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my Peter Pan
eyes like golden film
he grins so widely
always holding a secret
even I will never know
I've tried to chase him into Neverland
a place where I thought we could exist
under deep,
oceanic sky
speckled stars
resting atop desert mountains
breathing wind
in and out
in and out
our presence fills the silence
Oh, how his heart expands,
my little Peter Pan,
he says he wants to love me...
but hasn't offered me his hand
and when I'm feeling lonely
He is nowhere to be found
maybe he knows I'll always be there
how could I not love my lost boy?
I want to be his refuge
but he's got winged feet, mischief in his fingers
I know he'll fly away
All those promises, from him they are thorned roses
and each one I believe, I get pricked
Oh yes, he is a beautiful angel
But he cannot be mine
for it is well known that all of God's angels remain forever in a Neverland
so divine

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