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Living In Death

January 2, 2012
By WynterPage95 ELITE, Monticello, Arkansas
WynterPage95 ELITE, Monticello, Arkansas
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Favorite Quote:
"It's better to burn out than to fade away..." -Kurt Cobain

Deep moving body,

But still there isn't life.

Black eyes blink with tricks,

It's just a small white lie.

Feeling confused,

But there's not a question.

Blinded by a thousand dawns,

We don't live by suggestion.

Heart throbs inside the chest,

There's an end to love.

You can't sing again,

You couldn't say enough.

If I scream one more time,

You might fade away.

Please learn to let go,

I only want to see your face.

Death within life,

I took away the burden.

A fog of a whisper,

I bit into the end.

Yearning for a kiss,

But I don't think I'm living.

I'm not living for you.

It wasn't to me you were giving.

Numbing at the hands of regret,

A feeling lost in time.

You can die and dissapear.

And I'll always wonder why.

The author's comments:
This is what happens when I listen to R.E.M's song "Losing My Religion" and have nothing else to do except mellow in my own thoughts...

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