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All I need is Vitamin Sea

March 27, 2016
By SaraKarim GOLD, Washington DC, District Of Columbia
SaraKarim GOLD, Washington DC, District Of Columbia
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After five thousand years of being captured in prison called school
My summer will have only one simple rule
There shall be no stress
I can allow myself to digress
Into the words of Nora Roberts and their romantic appeal
In their chimerical marvel my lips will seal

I have craved for vitamin sea since December
Only the cheek-scratching cold I can remember
And the sound of the waves will lull me to sleep
I will dream of Leo DiCaprio and weep

Nothing shall stop me from binge-watching Glee
I will indulge in Nutella and ice-cream in jubilee
My productivity will rise from all the extra rest
I feel blessed without all the homework and tests

I will stalk shamelessly on Tumblr and Instagram
That will most likely lead me to be spammed
But zero cares I give!
For only in the summer my soul lives

I will push myself to learn a new language
While indulging again in a Nutella sandwich
All that worry about a “summer body” is nonsense
Even though my thighs aren’t sausages I have a clean conscience

Now that school is over and summer is here
This precious time for me is near and dear
After working so hard all that time
I decided to spit-ball a quick rhyme!

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on Mar. 30 2016 at 9:49 am
JesusofSuburbia BRONZE, Grandville, Michigan
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1. Did you mean to say vitamin c? you never talked about a sea. Other than that, I like it.