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The Call of the Bottle

October 7, 2021
By RaineyDay GOLD, Colorado Springs, Colorado
RaineyDay GOLD, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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¨The space in between your comfort zone and your dreams is where life takes place.¨
-Helen Keller


I remember when you first got drunk

Thirteen turning twenty-one

You told me what it was like

To drown and forget your life-


You were young then

Now we´re older

Life seems to get bolder-

Not a trophy for the winner

but a glass bottle for a sinner

A sinner like you


The beer bottle shattered

Across the tile floor

I opened the door

You fell over

Started drinking covert

Started speaking slower


Red eyes

Bad breath

It doesn´t have to be this way,


I don´t know about you but I hate it when you´re like this

You´re in the abyss.


don´t forget.




Sometimes I forget

It´s not your fault after all

When we were kids you used to bawl

about the ¨falls¨

That´s what your mother called it

When your father started to submit

To the call

Of alcohol.




Sober up.

It´s not that hard.

Let down your guard.

I won´t hurt you,

I´ll help you through-

Back to the other side

I care about you.


Stand up

Take my hand

I might not understand

I´ll try-

I´ll try to help my friend.

The author's comments:

To my friend Mac- I wish I could have helped you more. I´m sorry. 

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