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Life so far

January 21, 2022
By Heisa_09 BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
Heisa_09 BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
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Mom, reads a story as you sleep

Dad teaches you about the world and how to live

Brother's there to play with you so you don't feel alone


Auntie tells you what you're doing wrong,

Grandma makes so much delicious treats especially that apple pie that can't be beat


Grandfather tells you about his old stories, how he lived and how you're here now


The strangers who became friends

Teachers talk about nonsense

The lover that loves you so so so so


Person that you believe will always truly see

Sleep tight now my child


Mom teaches you how to be polite

Dad teaches you how to be yourself

You teach your brother how to love himself

Auntie tells you not to get in trouble


Grandma there hugging you so tightly

Grandpa teaching you his old tricks


Your friends giving you the blast of your life

The teachers spouting those nonsense

The lover that will soon become more 


Life is very unique in a way even though it's so hard to understand after each and every book that I ever had not even the person who wrote it could even tell me how it ended


That's what makes me laugh so special you don't know the answers until the very end


Mom Dad auntie Grandma Grandpa brother and even my cousins that I haven't mentioned

You all are pretty funny

I hope to see you all after I wake up

The author's comments:

My first poem this year, this is my first time writing one about my life in a way but at the same time not it's just life so far I don't really know what way to put it. Glad you decided to read this though means a lot to know someone is there.

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