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You bombed the ship and burned the rubble

November 15, 2009
By LexieMonster SILVER, Spring, Texas
LexieMonster SILVER, Spring, Texas
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"Life is a learning experience. Push yourself and you will grow." -Rami

You were supposed to care
You should have always been there
But you left me in the street
Not understanding my own defeat
And when I needed you the most
Your voice wasn't even close

I needed you to take my hand
To do your job and understand
But you bombed the ship that was my heart
And gave yourself a brand new start

You showed up when it was convenient for you
And assumed there was a current to guide me through
But you never stopped to check if I was okay
And you never thought of your own words to say
You just shot my hope in front of me
Then left the body for the world to see

You can call me your daughter but you will never be my mother
Cause good-bye were the only words we ever said to one another
And I can't smell your perfume on my sheets
Or hear your voice singing me to sleep

No I can't forgive what you've done
But maybe I'll forget by staring at the sun
Cause when the whole world goes blind
No one will see through the smile you hide behind

The author's comments:
My parents divorced when I was 8 and two weeks later my mom married someone else, and shortly after that I had the worst experience of my life happen to me. Ever since then my biggest dream has been to be a fantastic mom, and I hope others can see why having loving parents is so important.

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