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Forever Nights

April 28, 2010
By Bombboy SILVER, Wheaton, Illinois
Bombboy SILVER, Wheaton, Illinois
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"I wish I could freeze this moment, right here, right now, and live in it forever." (Catching Fire, Collins)

This is the Day
When our band says HEY
We're going to play loud and clear
so the Whole world can hear
All across the land
All across the see
They'll hear this song even in their dreams,

Forever Nights
Gonna fight
We'll hit the top of the charts
Heck Yeah
That's right

This is who we are
This is how we roll
We all rock
And have amazing solos
Yeah we can rap
We got Jack
On the drums
Give the band props
We ain't no punks

You say we ain't cool
Or that we ain't hip
What I say To you
Is find a bridge and jump off it
Go and take a rest
It's not our fault that we're the best,
We're the best
We're the best
We're the best

Forever Nights
Gonna fight
we'll hit the top of the charts
Heck Yeah

The author's comments:
Well this song/rap my friend wrote for my band which no longer exists anymore we were called: The Forever Nights and well we weren't very good but ya. My friend wrote for us so I hope you enjoy it a lot!! Please, Please like a lot!!!!!!!!! Thank you

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