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To A girl

May 19, 2010
By KICK3593 PLATINUM, Roslyn Heights, New York
KICK3593 PLATINUM, Roslyn Heights, New York
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I met a girl that knew it all,
Who walked down streets to feel proud and tall,
But she went to the lake one start of spring,
Looked into the water and then knew nothing.

And I’m standing in the foyer,
And I’m waiting to come in,
While the weeping willow’s straightening up,
You can only blame it on your kin.
Hope you’re satisfied, I hope your arms are flinging out,
And I hope these revelations
Will take all your jubilations.

With great big leaps I’ve seized the man,
The one who said “I think I can.”
But there’s one problem with his face:
His eyes are red and his skin is gray.

With all the power that I am,
I still won’t be what I am.
So what’s the good of staying pretty
If it all flashes away with the pity.

(This dog I knew was on the ground.
It knew that it was on the ground,
And it played dead with itself for a while,
While I squatted there and saw the bile.)

Well I’m standing here, in the foyer,
Hoping that you’ll de-fortify,
Please be gentle when you touch me,
I hope that you’ve been notified.
Right now I’ve been round the world,
While you just had your pigtails curled,
So what are you doing in the foyer?
Configure yourself and let me in.

The author's comments:
I think I wrote this poem for something that had to do with Bob Dylan. I think I had seen "I'm Not There" and listened to "Subteranean Homesick Blues," "Stuck Inside of Mobile," and "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall."
I THINK that's what it was. This poem still makes a lot of sense to me, which is good, since that does not happen a lot.

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