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May 20, 2010
By OneBarProductions PLATINUM, Union, Missouri
OneBarProductions PLATINUM, Union, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
"You think it is the living that will have the ultimate judgement over you, but it's the dead that will have no claim over your soul"

You're earth's little wonders
wrapped up in soap and ponders
of ways your shape came to be

You float along
gently with the breeze
but you'll pop at the quake,
any motion or shake
and break your settled ease

There's a million bubbles above my head
singing lullabys to put me to bed
on a rainy day,
you reflect the sun's shine
when I realize
through your see through eyes
I know you're mine

Like a wizard
I have a wand to make you a being
I'll wave it twice
the thought is nice
to know there's a simple meaning

You live inside a plastic sud house
cramped alone just like a mouse
One day you'll be set free
to live your life so bubbly

The author's comments:
This ALL came to me when I was showering. I noticed a sopa bubble on my arm and this wierd fasination came over me...more of a moment really

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