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Lost Me

June 17, 2010
By Vannah913 PLATINUM, Olive Branch, Mississippi
Vannah913 PLATINUM, Olive Branch, Mississippi
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"Life sucks; then you die. Yeah, I should be so lucky." by Jacob Black in Breaking Dawn and/or "Sugarcubes with rabies." by my friends and I

He’s here
He’s gone
But I did nothing wrong
He’s mean
He’s nice
His heart turned to ice

I tried to lie
To keep up the fight
Why, oh, why
Your heart as black as night

We are done
Neither has won
But we haven’t lost
What was the cost
Can’t you see
You’ve only lost me

I smile
I cry

I don’t know why
I love
I hate
I never had to wait


(Chorus ×2)

Well, I lied and fought
But never got caught
Your heart as black as coal
Do you even have a soul



You’ve lost me for good
I looked at you from where stood
All I have to say is
Good riddance
Leave this be cause
You’ve already lost me


Look who’s broken up
Why don’t you suck it up
Leave it be
Get over me

The author's comments:
This guy was a horrible boyfriend and honestly expected her to put up with his crap. Then eventually, she got sick of fighting for what would never be. Sooo... While he thought he was playing hard to get or keeping dominance in the relationship, he really just lost the one girl who would ever love him.

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