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Gone by Dawn

June 17, 2010
By Vannah913 PLATINUM, Olive Branch, Mississippi
Vannah913 PLATINUM, Olive Branch, Mississippi
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Favorite Quote:
"Life sucks; then you die. Yeah, I should be so lucky." by Jacob Black in Breaking Dawn and/or "Sugarcubes with rabies." by my friends and I

The plot of my story was so out of line
You thought that I just needed some time
You didn’t know what was going on
When you find out, I’ll already be gone

I found someone somewhere else
If I told him about you,
I know he’d be jealous
He doesn’t know what I’ve done
He looks at me like I’m the sun
When the day comes
That you figure it out
At that day’s dawn
I’ll already be gone

I’m watching the sun rise
While you’re at home, feeling blue
And you still don’t have a clue


I’ve been lying to you
And I think you see it too
So I’m leaving out today
A note’ll be left that’ll say


At yesterday’s dawn
I was already gone

The author's comments:
Girl found someone better, and leaves with just a note left behind. Her life's a big mess. Note to others: Girls, don't cheat on guys. If you find someone better, break up with your current boyfriend then go with the other guy. Sheesh people don't get these things!

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