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The Place Of Broken Dreams

July 21, 2010
By kasiajonas ELITE, Cracow, Other
kasiajonas ELITE, Cracow, Other
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There's a place of the lonely people out there
There's a place I would never like to come back to again
Cause there's always something I don't want to see
And there is nowhere I would like to find myself in

People change and there is nothing we can do about this
Rain falls down from the blue skies above heads of ours
And now I wanna try to get out of this world
But I can never find a way to release
No matter how hard I try

I sat down on the grass of people's sadness
I found out there is no one to care anymore than they need
Cause there are too many broken hearts and twisted minds
And nobody except of God could ever make it stop

We can be anything we'd like to be and even more
We can see everything no one else would see and
And now we run away cause it's too much
We'd rather stay unaware of everything
We'd rather miss a thing

I try to figure out everything that ever matters
No reason why people we love always make their own ways
Should we question everything that we don't know
Should we trust everyone that we love

I come to realize nothing ever lasts forever
I learn that nothing is enough for us to appreciate
I will always find you everywhere but
Would you ever stay faithful to me
No you wouldn't cause we all live in
The place of broken dreams

Broken hopes, broken dreams
Broken hearts, broken lives
Broken, we're broken in the
Place of broken dreams

The author's comments:
I was lying on the grass in my garden one day while listening to the music, to "Want" by The Cure to be exact. Then it started to rain and I thought everything ends and we always want more. But how can we want more if we don't get anything?

Hidden message: Sometimes it's better to be alone.

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