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Short Shorts (2 Short 4 Words)

November 4, 2010
By Angelou GOLD, Pointe Claire, Other
Angelou GOLD, Pointe Claire, Other
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I’ve been waiting all day to be with you all night.
E’rybody knows that my girl’s plain out of sight,
So I leave my place and pull up to yo’ hood,
I know fo’ sho’ that this date’s gonna be good.

And now I’m with my girl, but I can’t stop obssesin’
Over them shorts that my girl is dressed in.
Yo I never seen shorts that short before
I mean for 50 dollars you shoulda gotten more -


- It’s supposed to cover more of your body!
That’s just common knowledge; I mean you should have known that shawty.
All I’m sayin’ is them shorts is short if I may be so bold,
And it’s a pretty chilly night I mean you must be getting’ cold.


Short shorts,
Short shorts,
So short that they’re absurd
Short shorts,
Short shorts,
Shorts 2 short 4 words

Dayum, them shorts is short, I know I’ve said that already
But my girl’s gotta have longer jeans if we gonna go steady
And I mean look at your shirt, it’s of pretty common length,
Lord if I’m gonna make it through this date I gotta keep my strength.


Now we pull up to the club but I ain’t gonna let you dance
Unless you go home to your closet and pull out some longer pants.
Your wardrobe must consist of shorts accepted in society
I’m holding out hope that this girl will learn variety.


Now is finally the time when I take you to your place.
The whole time you’re in my car I just won’t look at your face.
You ask before you leave if you can see me after,
“Hell no, little mama, this date was a disaster!”

The author's comments:
This rap was inspired by the Bruno Mars video for "You're Amazing", in which the girl of his dreams is wearing very short shorts.

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