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Locker Buddy (You Spin My Lock Around)

November 4, 2010
By Angelou GOLD, Pointe Claire, Other
Angelou GOLD, Pointe Claire, Other
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First you were shy, I don’t know why
You’d always try to pretend
Like we weren’t meant to be but probably
You had a girlfriend.

So I just smiled, for a while
But won’t leave you alone.
I’m not a stalker if my locker
Is right next to my own.


Locker buddy
The way you spin that lock’s an art.
Locker buddy
Won’t you unlock my heart.

You spin your code in, heart’s explodin’
When you swing your locker open
No controllin’ the commotion
That’s got my heartbeat goin’.

Now you leave, but I believe
That what we’ve got is good.
My heart burns but you’ll return
In 50 minutes, after wood.


You move my hand, I understand
That you might need a little space.
So I move, but lose my groove
When you won’t look at my face.

It’s no surprise your big brown eyes
Are having trouble meeting mine.
We’re in a rut, it’s nothing much,
I bet it happens all the time.


Now you’re back, I can’t keep track
Of when we’re on and when we’re off.
This is hell when I can’t tell
If that was “Love you,” or a cough.

I guess I’ll go, I’ll never know
If this relationship will work.
This is good-bye, but I won’t cry;
To hell with you, you stupid jerk!

The author's comments:
This rap is about my locker buddy who is very shy but I try to joke around with him anyways.

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