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I Dont Even Know You Yet

October 28, 2010
By echome94 PLATINUM, Daleville, Virginia
echome94 PLATINUM, Daleville, Virginia
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When the world around me ceases to exist and then i will open up and let a cruel man like you in


I dont love you,
But i really like you.
I dont need you,
But i want to see you.
I havent had your baby's yet
But i think one day i'd like to
Everything about you seems perfect right now
So in my ignorant bliss im gonna dream about you
Will our babies have your blue eyes
and my curly brown hair?
Will they have my olive skin
and your rosy red cheeks
Will you ever marry me,
Will my father put my hand in yours
Will we kiss in front of countless bystanders
Will you hold my hand when your buddies laugh
Will you call me your girl behind my back
As i dream up all these visions im looking at your back
Planning out our future...
And i dont really even know you yet
No i dont know you yet

But i'd like to

The author's comments:
"Okay so i imagine Allison Kraus singing this with a soft acustic guitar in the background. It's about a crush every girl has at least once."

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