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Turning Back

October 1, 2011
By lilmo23 PLATINUM, Pompano Beach, Florida
lilmo23 PLATINUM, Pompano Beach, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only option you have.

Verse 1:
A blank canvas,
An empty page,
A fresh start is all you ever wanted.
But you're stuck
In the whole you dug for yourself.
You've made mistakes, but you are ready to change.

part before the Chorus:
So lean on me, and I'll help you stand up,
And become, everything that you want.
Please don't, do this alone, you need someone, by your side,
You need someone to help you win this fight!

Chorus 1:
Because they say, that there's no turning back,
You have lost everything that you had,
You are lost now and can never be found.
Cuz you let yourself, fall to the ground.

Verse 2:
You have climbed,
Halfway out,
Of the hole, you let yourself crawl into.
Everyone tries to push you down it again.
And you wonder, how things could ever change.

Part before Chorus:
Chorus 1:

You love how it feels when,
The sun beats on your skin.
Cuz all you've ever felt was,
The darkness pull you in.
Now you can hear the birds sing instead of,
The rain that would come down in your head...in your head...in your head...
I'm gonna set you free.

Chorus 2:
I say you can always turn back,
And get everything that you had.
You're lost.
But you will be found.
You can still turn your life around.

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