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October 2, 2011
By MaryTD PLATINUM, Burns, Oregon
MaryTD PLATINUM, Burns, Oregon
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Silver stars hanging on fishing line thread
Wishing us well as we wait on my bed
Remembering all of the things that he said
Said “I love you” in back of her head

Golden stars hanging outside in the hall
Blowing from breezes through holes in the wall
Wondering, pondering nothing at all
Waiting through autumnal leaves as they fall

I’m the starmaker
I’ve seen how you cry
But no one sees starmakers
Like I see the sky

I watch as she leaves him
I watch as he falls
I watch as he shouts
Watch her run through the halls

He swats at the ceiling and curses at it
My golden stars dangle but don’t take the hit
He seems to just realize he’s throwing a fit
And he goes to grab air and get out of his snit

She runs down the corridor, broken and weary
She can’t tell who started it, her memory’s bleary
If angels existed they’d make her less teary
She sees a star hanging, like her, but more eerie

I’m the starmaker
I see how they try
But no one sees starmakers
Like I see hearts die

I’ve seen the love come and go
I’ve seen hearts repair
But I’ve seen the people laugh
In all kinds of despair

A golden star dangles and falls to the floor
She picks it up carefully, inspects it and more
Takes it back to the landing, where he tries to look bored
She walks outside to him and closes the door

I’m the starmaker
I see how we hide
Pretending we’re cool when
We’re trembling inside

Is this how we end it?
Where do we go now?
Or can we be make stars tonight
If I show you how?

(Stars are like hearts sometimes
Sometimes they grow cold
But if you look carefully
They’re all made of gold)

I’m the starmaker
I been through it all
Only you see starmaker
You break through the wall

You answer me, talk to me
Sometimes let me fall
But always you’ve answered
My starmaker’s call

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