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No Difference

April 9, 2012
By RazzleDazzle SILVER, MI, Washington
RazzleDazzle SILVER, MI, Washington
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I don't make a difference
Nobody wants to hear my voice
I don't make a difference
I don't ever get a choice)

I just don't make a difference to you
Nobody wants to hear my opinion
I’m just a never ending noise to you
You treat me like I'm your minion
Well I'm not your punching bag so

Thanks but I don't make a difference okay
Who the hell would notice if I ran away?
Nobody even gives a damn
I just walk up and they tell me to scram)


Sometimes I just feel helpless
Like I'm just another pawn
Everyone thinks that I'm thoughtless
How can I prove that they're wrong?



Listen I don't make a difference
The world would be better without me
Life's an endless war, nobody can win this
You just have to keep on breathing


The author's comments:
Have you ever had the feeling that you just don't make a difference? Well this is the song that came out of that feeling.

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