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One Heartbeat At A Time

September 21, 2012
By DemonAngel GOLD, Maricopa, Arizona
DemonAngel GOLD, Maricopa, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
You are either dead or alive.Your heart either pumps blood or life.Our hearts pump words love life and understanding.Into our sub-conscience body for we use the hands of that body to write. -Best friend :'( RIP

(Part 1)
She said he wasn’t the one
As he pulled out the one gun
And put it to his head
She screamed no to late and watched
As the bullet went through him before…
He was dead
(Part 2)
You didn’t have to go
Why couldn’t you just stay?
I didn’t know you’d be gone forever
I had so much left to say
Guns, and knives, and bullets, no lies
And pills is what we speak
Be careful of what you say
It could kill the weak
(Part 1)
She said she needed some space
He didn’t have to jump from that place
Never again will he see his face
Now she’s held like a child with no smile
And no one can put it back in its place
(Part 2)
Why did it have to end that way?
What else more can I say?
With nothing left to do
I cry as they bury you
(Part 1)
And I wanted to marry you
And I saw a future to
But now it all has to be without you
(Soften) and my tears are all about you
And with nothing left to do I sit and write about you
(Fading out slowly)(Chorus)

The author's comments:
PLEASE tell me what tyou think this i my first song so please rate or comment or both.:)

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