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Final Farewell

September 4, 2014
By happysappygirl101 GOLD, WonderLand,
happysappygirl101 GOLD, WonderLand,
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Words are tools; to educate, support, mend, and express. They shouldn't be used to break down each other's minds... they should be used to fill the empty spaces in our heads with insight, in order to see what most eyes can't.

I'm sorry, I can't help you today

The doors are locked, please go away

Please don't say that you're my friend

Because you won't say that once you know how it'll all end


So kill me, stab me through the heart, that pumps black blood

A soul that is empty, that keeps me numb

Just run away, please I'm on my knees

You don't want this darkness to spread, this disease



So hate me for everything I am, and am not

Spit in my face, pray to God, that I'll rot

In hell, alone, say I'm f***ed in the head

Please don't play the saviour, I'm begging you, just leave me for dead


I know this isn't fair

All you wanted was to help me, and show that you care

But one day you'll see this is for the best

So turn around, forget me, lay our memories to rest


Because I have no love left to give you,

All I have is poison and neglect

Don't think of this as betrayal, I'd never try to hurt you

This is my own way of showing mercy and respect



So hate me for what I am, and what I'm not

Tell me I'm a disgrace, and leave me to rot

I'm sorry, I'll never be okay

But please find relief that it ends today


So here I go, I say goodbye

To all the pain and failure that I've caused in my life

All the stress I've caused you, I'm finally doing something right

Because it's all gonna end tonight



Please for the love of God, hate me for all I couldn't be

Leave me behind with all your disappoinmtent and misery

All I've done is been a burden on your life

But don't worry, it ends tonight

I'm sorry I couldn't be the friend you deserve,

But here, I've finally worked up some nerve

You're perfect, so just keep moving ahead,

Leave me behind, leave me for dead


Push the memory of me out of your head,

Leave me to die, leave me for dead.


I'm sorry, I couldn't help you today

The doors are locked, I'm sorry, they're here to stay

Goodbye to you, my only friend

This is where your story continues, but mine has to end 

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