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Song to the "Good Samaritan"

October 5, 2014
By happysappygirl101 GOLD, WonderLand,
happysappygirl101 GOLD, WonderLand,
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Words are tools; to educate, support, mend, and express. They shouldn't be used to break down each other's minds... they should be used to fill the empty spaces in our heads with insight, in order to see what most eyes can't.

Does it count as broken if you always feel in pieces

Here I am once again, the cycle has repeated

Tried withstanding darkness, with ignorance and denial

Now I can't contain it, this burning, churning bile


It spews from me deep inside, with words spoke and unspoken

Infecting and tearing my flesh, ripping the wounds right open

I try to bury the sickness, by smiles, laughs and lies

The void is taking over, cuz hope's too hard to find


So tell me what I do is wrong, Since I'm selfish and vain

Tell me to just be happy, To put aside the pain

You say "When you cut, You cut me too you know",

Because my guilt's not great enough, I'm sorry


But I have to let you go...

Your sympathy is killing me

Have to let you go...

You just don't wanna see me bleed


I guess it's hopeless

You tell me that you understand

Then why do you judge and yell at me,

For the lunatic I really am

What I do's morally wrong,

the cuts I make cause you unrest

Well sorry my reality

Does not leave you impressed


I tried my best


But I have to let you go...

Your fake pity is killing me

Have to let you go...

You don't care if I suffer, you just don't wanna see me bleed


Sorry if my choices upset you,

It's the only thing that makes me feel alive

Say you want to help me,

Then say I'm wrong, and leave me to die

Sorry if I offend you,

With every mistake I seem to make

You say you want the truth?

Well here it is, no lies, nothing fake:


I don't want you looking down on me

I'd rather die alone, leave me be

I'm not going to ever be,

A pitied soul, Your charity case


Get out of my face.


I'm letting you go...

Your sympathy is killing me

There you go...

Don't try to fix me, Just leave me be

I'm letting you go...

You're a poison that I don't need

Letting you go...

You never wanted to see the dark side, You just wanted to not

See me bleed

The author's comments:

Helpt hose who need help, but also be their friend once they're back on their feet. Pitying a person and talking down to them as if you know what exactly they're going through is worse than just ignoring them completely, in my opinion.

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