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January 27, 2017
By isthisthetapwater SILVER, Paris, Tennessee
isthisthetapwater SILVER, Paris, Tennessee
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it's whatever

I sit here and think
About many things
My deep & dark thoughts
I think I’ve been caught
My lungs start to swell
I’m not feeling well
Someone come help me
Can’t anyone see?
Run to the bathroom
If not, i’m so doomed
Sit down on the floor
Back against the door
Head between your legs
Take deep breaths
In through your nose
The wind strongly blows
Out through your mouth
Don’t make a sound
Dry up your tears
They might just hear
Are you better?
Throw on a sweater
They’ll see the marks
The old white scars
That can’t happen
It’ll make them sad and
They’ll hate you forever
It won’t get better
I’m trying so hard
I’m not getting far
I’ve lost all control
Not good, oh no
Help me, I can’t breathe
Oh wait, it’s just me
I’m all better now
Get up off the ground
Don’t be a baby
Don’t be so lazy
Unlock the door
Don’t show any more
Happiness is a race
Throw a smile on that face

The author's comments:

Anxiety attacks, panic attacks, all in between.

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