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November 10, 2018
By Cyber_Hippos SILVER, Wayne, Pennsylvania
Cyber_Hippos SILVER, Wayne, Pennsylvania
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The large beasts of black and white in fields lie 
The cows in fields flicking their tails go moo 
They say moo in hello I'm good and bye 
As they walk through the green grass they go poo 
They also release methane in their farts 
Eating in the fields only grass and hay 
They have three stomachs but only one heart 
Most of the cattle don't live by the bay 
Near the fences there they will stay a long 
Cows love to be pet and scrubbed all around 
They may run about with the sounded gong 
When they sleep they are on the round far down 
You are beautiful black and white cattle 
You eat, sleep, and munch on hay or apple

The author's comments:

This is a sonnet about cows. I wrote it as a joke in English class but, it turned out pretty good. Happy reading!

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