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Gabrielle's Fawn

December 7, 2009
By MoniqueB GOLD, Austin, Texas
MoniqueB GOLD, Austin, Texas
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In every splendid breath you savor life.
A fawn growing on moss and autumn bark,
Radiating beauty, wonderfully rife,
Essence of purity in eyes so dark.
Fawn! Lift your sleek throat and draw from the wind!
Lap at the sweet dew from the glossy dawn blades.
Learn of the poison in red-berry skin,
And at dusk, the yellow eyes to evade.
May the hind shield you from the piercing bite
Of the hunter's singing copper-jacket.
And may the stag watch over you at night,
As you dream in the heather and bracken.
Independence is your far endeavor.
But fawn, to some you'll be forever.

The author's comments:
Inspired by "Whoso List to Hunt." Dedicated to my youngest sister.

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