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“Crank” by Ellen Hopkins

April 17, 2009
By Krystle PLATINUM, Cape Coral, Florida
Krystle PLATINUM, Cape Coral, Florida
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During a trip to see her father Kristina Georgia Snow completely loses who she is. Quiet, honors student Kristina who was never in any trouble becomes the fearless Bree. After meeting a boy, Bree also meets “the monster,” crank. At first she and the monster take an exciting journey together but it isn’t long before that joyride becomes Bree’s worst nightmare. Her happiness turns into a mindless struggle to keep some sort of grasp on her life which starts rapidly slipping away. After returning home, Bree finds how difficult it is to become Kristina again. She finds it very challenging to keep her life balanced while also battling to return from the grasps of the monster. In the end she gives up, gives in, and gives herself to the monster.

In “Crank” Ellen Hopkins gives us a one way ticket straight into the mind of Kristina as she takes her own one way ride into the arms of the monster. The entire book is written in free verse and sometimes the poems allow us to see a deeper meaning that wouldn’t have been caught if it were written any other way. The story of drug addiction has been written many times, by many authors, and in many different ways. However the way Hopkins writes it is completely original and makes the story completely unique. Seeing this whole battle happen through the eyes of Kristina allows you to relate to her story whether or not you have been through the same things.
When she first tries crank you will feel everything she feels and together you and her will fall in love with the monster. You will feel yourself changing as she becomes Bree and you will feel her loss, her emptiness, and her struggles. You’ll be filled with hate toward the monster but at the same time you’ll understand that you’ll never be able to let go of it or rather escape from it. In the end though when you realize that she has truly lost her battle with crank, and even after the book is over you will be left with the ghosts of her feelings; trapped, lost, and alone. You too will feel as if you have given in to the monster.
Once you start reading this book you will find yourself almost as hooked to it as Bree was to the monster. It is very well written and captures you literally on the first page. Even as you read you’ll find yourself yearning to know what happens next and at the end you will reach out wanting Kristina back as she walks away for the last time. When you walk away from the book you will find that the monster has left you with a bitter taste in your mouth and a hunger for one more look through Kristina’s eyes. Always just one more look.


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on Jun. 7 2009 at 10:19 pm
LoveLikeWoe DIAMOND, LeSueur, MN, Minnesota
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Very good review. I loved this book. I couldnt put it down half the time. And now my friend has it and school just ended! help! lolz...