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Comparing And Contrasting The Shadow Club And The Outsiders

May 1, 2009
By HomerunHitter GOLD, Rockford, Michigan
HomerunHitter GOLD, Rockford, Michigan
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The Shadow Club is about a group of kids, who are second best at everything, who want revenge on the “unbeatables”. Jared Mercer is the main character in this story and he is always being bullied by Austin Pace, who is the first best runner, because Jared is the second best. All Jared wants is revenge. In the story the Outsiders, there are these two groups of people who are always fighting. One of the groups is called the socs, who are the richer and higher class people of the town. The other group is called the greasers, who are the poorer people of the town. The main character in this story goes by the name of Ponyboy Curtis. Ponyboy is apart of the greaser gang. All Pony boy wants is that that the greasers and the socs are treated the same.
Ponyboy Curtis and Jared Mercer are similar in many ways. They both belong to a group, Pony Boy, the greasers, Jared, the Shadow Club. These two characters have both been bullied by different people. Jared was bullied by Austin and Ponyboy was bullied by the socs. Another way these characters are similar is that they both rescued people form a fire. Jared rescued Tyson from a lighthouse fire and Ponyboy rescued little children from an old church fire. Jared and Ponyboy are both fighting people who are better than them. Jared is fighting the “unbeatables”, while Ponyboy is fighting the richer, higher class people who are called the socs. Jared and Ponyboy also have friends who support them. Jared has Cheryl, Randall, and the Shadow Club and Ponyboy has Johnny and the greaser gang.

These two stories are also different in some ways. Jared is different from Ponyboy in ways such as his passion is to run, while Ponboy’s passion is to write poetry. Ponyboy lives on the poorer side of his town, lots of old rundown houses, while Jared lives in a normal neighborhood. Another way that they are different is that Jared’s intention is to better somebody and Ponyboy’s just whishes that everyone was equal. Jared gets mad at himself and he feels like he is not good enough, while Ponyboy is thankful with the abilities that he has, such as his poetry skill. Ponyboy feels that he tries his hardest at everything.

My opinion on both of these stories is that both the Shadow Club and the Outsiders were great stories. They both have good plots and very good storylines. Both stories kept my attention the whole time. When I was reading the Shadow Club and I stopped at a page I knew I couldn’t because the book was so interesting. The same goes for the Outsiders movie. I was disappointed when the hour was over because it was also very interesting. I am now going to read the Outsiders book because I liked the movie so much.

I loved both of these stories and recommend them to anyone.

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This review is a very helpful thing to anyone who is comparing these two stories. An easy A.

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