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Flush by Carl Hiaasen

September 17, 2009
By PinkCleats GOLD, Newark, Ohio
PinkCleats GOLD, Newark, Ohio
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When his father is arrested for sinking a local casino boat, Noah Underwood takes it upon himself to bust the shifty operation and protect the waters of the Florida Keys. What follows is a rip-roaring adventure as Noah and his sister, Abby, attempt to prove their suspicions that the boat is dumping waste into the ocean, making it unsafe for both animals and humans.

Using a cast of unlikely characters with authentic voices, award-winning author Carl Hiaasen's Flush delivers an imaginative storyline. Paired with realistic scenes and beautifully accurate descriptions of the Florida Keys, it doesn't seem too outlandish. From the eye-catching first sentence, readers will dive into the plot, eagerly awaiting the mystery's resolution. Humor and sarcasm lurk around every corner, threatening to make you laugh out loud. Kids and teens alike will love this book, from the beginning of the mystery to its satisfying end.

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on Oct. 5 2009 at 3:28 pm
I read this book too! I really enjoyed it and the review was GREAT!