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By Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
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     H.G.Wells is one of the greatestscience-fiction novelists. He has written many famous books, one ofwhich I had the pleasure to read recently. The War of the Worlds is goodenough for me to start calling it my favorite book.

It amazed mehow real Wells makes the book feel. The terror experienced by thoseduring the Martian invasion seemed to take me over as I read.

The story takes place in turn-of-the-century England. Aphilosopher and his wife are separated as the whole of Great Britainstarts a massive movement to escape the rampaging Martians in theirgigantic tri-pods and terrifyingly swift heat-rays. The narrator isbarely able to make his way in the opposite direction of theirfrontline. He escapes death in a number of ways and meets others fleeingdeserted towns and burning cities.

This has become one of myfavorite books and I recommend it to anyone interested in sciencefiction. The most intriguing feature is that the settings are describedin such detail that you can really picture them. I was especiallyinterested in this book because I enjoy reading about situations thatare abnormal to everyday life, especially when told through theviewpoint of one in the middle. The first-person narration allows you tobecome attached to the character and imagine what it would be like ifyou were in that situation. This book deserves five out of fivestars.

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