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By Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
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   "Brooklyn-born I don't have nosob stories for you about rats and roaches and pissy-pew hallways. No slumjewelry, cheap shoes, or knockoff designer stuff. We lived in the projects but wewere cool with that. We weren't waiting for a damn thing."

TheColdest Winter Ever is a stunning novel that begins in the depths of Brooklyn'sobscure projects and reveals a street-smart, sexy princess named Winter. She isthe teenage daughter of Brooklyn's finest drug lord; her father is tough as ahollow bullet is worthless and sharp as a switchblade. Santiago is the king,standing beside his queen. He laces his wife and children from head to toe withthe finest, most luxurious possessions.

Winter is a pampered, expeditiousbrat secure in her father's reputation. Throughout the story, Winter issurrounded by her family who keeps the entire neighborhood onlockdown.

Winter's conceited mentality makes her believe she's on top,allowing her to ignore wicked events in her life. Everything is fine and dandyuntil an extensive wind starts to blow her in the wrong direction. Winter startsto face dilemmas and hardships as her father's empire crumbles.

This iswhen Sister Souljah turns up and tries to give uplifting messages to Winter.Winter goes through the most frightening period trying to figure out how tosurvive. She barely notices her gaunt, rawboned mother strung out on drugs andher deceptive friends and family conniving to kill her.

This ghettofabulous lifestyle flips upside down and turns into a twisted struggle that onlyWinter can extract herself from. Her survival becomes a deep, thrillingstory.

The bold voice in this book speaks out and shows that life isn'tabout sexy men, gorgeous cars or huge fashion statements, but making a living andbeing there for your family.

Sister Souljah is open-minded in thisdramatic book, especially when her character confronts a hospital ward of femaleAIDS patients; she delivers a message about the importance of women in thecommunity. She is Winter's backbone and strength.

The Coldest Winter Everrelates to my life in a way. I was spoiled rotten, but I've been through somestruggles. Sometimes things get worse before they get better. I feel some of herpain and struggles, and have learned to appreciate everything and not takeadvantage of others.

The glory of this book may be its helpfuleulogy to teenagers. It may open eyes and hearts to youth today.

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