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By Anonymous

   Are you scared to expressyour feelings about death, marriage, love and other things? Mitch Albomwas. Tuesdays with Morrie is a true story about his favorite collegeprofessor, Morrie Schwartz. After many years without keeping in touch(though Mitch promised he would), he finds out Morrie is dying from LouGehrig's disease. One visit with Morrie isn't enough and Mitch findshimself flying to Massachusetts every Tuesday to have long talks aboutlife's greatest lessons with his professor, whom he calls"Coach." Each Tuesday Mitch brings Coach his favorite foodsand records their conversations. Mitch plays back the tapes and thinksabout the lesson of that day.

Some of the most difficult topicsfor Mitch were death and love. Mitch was terrified to even say thewords, "Morrie is dying." After discussing death for hours,Mitch overcomes his fear. Morrie has a very special outlook on life andtries to live it to the fullest. All he really wants is happiness forhimself, all his friends and family. Mitch gradually understands thelife lessons Morrie is teaching and finally made a commitment his ownlife. Mitch is just beginning the life Morrie can only talkabout.

After months of spending Tuesdays with Morrie, Mitch isfaced with his death. Mitch begins teaching others the lessons Morrietaught him.

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i love this !