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Pretty Little Devils

October 17, 2007
By Anonymous

A review of
“Pretty Little Devils” by Nancy Holder

The Pretty Little Devils are a clique- the clique actually- envied by all and known as ruthless social leaders. But all is not well at Brookhaven High. Someone is trying to get rid of the four Little Devils, threatening to pick them off, one by one. Could it be the enemy cheerleader, driven mad by jealousy? The cute, yet mysteriously quiet new boy? Or perhaps the merciless leader of the PLDs, the beautiful (and power hungry) Sylvia Orly?

This book is ideal for anyone tired of the average high school drama. Nancy Holder has created a truly unpredictable murder mystery with an ending you will never see coming. Featuring vivid characters and endless plot twists, “Pretty Little Devils” will have you checking over your shoulder more than once; sure that's an axe-wielding school girl in the window.

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