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December 7, 2007
By Anonymous

By Michael B. Harmon

I first saw Skate at the library finding a book for class. It popped out because it was black and red,it stuck out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of the books. I read the back and and frankly, it sounded not vary interesting something not about the context of the book ,but I decided to read it anyway.

I really enjoyed it because it was about a boy just like you and me, but his problems are much harder to face. His teachers hate him because of his black cloths and his piereced ears , his physical ed. Teacher hates him because he wouldn't be on the track team and his mom was always was always gone somewhere else than home and he has to pay for all of his and his brothers food and on top of that he has a big choice to make he can go to a special school or stay at his school and be hated more than he was before . I hope you read this book it always talking about new topics and keeps you on you feet.

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