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Amulet Books by Lauren Myracle

February 28, 2008
By Anonymous

Say you have two best friends from sixth grade who you move away with before your senior year of high school and only have one way to communicate; IM- instant messaging. Lauren Myracle takes you with these three best friends as they deal with the teenage problems of parents, backstabbers, boys, and gossipers. The main character's challenge is to keep in touch with her best friends three thousand miles away.

I would recommend this book and the entire TTYL series to girls in high school. The main character grows as she loses her best friends and deals with her parents difficult choices. Myracle's writing is unique because the text is all written in IM. I can relate to the problems the girls face. The writing is realistic and believable, Miracle shows how girls can be mean, and parents can be harsh.

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