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Escape From Memory by Margaret Peterson Haddix

March 6, 2008
By Anonymous

Kira Lives with her mom and then some lady she doesn't know says she was kidnapped. So she has top go and save her none real mom. Kira says, “Well im sure I don't have any secrets…. I said trying to sound certain.” She said that to her friends. I would rate this book about a 9. But its not excellent book it's a good. In my opinion it's a good book but it doesn't give a lesson. The genre is a fiction. It's not real so it can't come true unless it does. This book should be checked out because it's a good book and I love reading it. Plus you should too. It's mostly for girl though. It talks about a girl who thinks this lady is lying to her about her mom and her life about what all has happened. She doesn't believe her but she goes anyways. So I think you should check this book out.

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