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Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

March 6, 2008
By abraggrep BRONZE, Brooksville, Florida
abraggrep BRONZE, Brooksville, Florida
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Eclipse, the long awaited for sequel to Stephenie Meyer's Twilight and New Moon, continues to use mystery, romance, and intrigue to capture the power conveyed in the first two books of the series. Bella, short for Isabella Swan, now more than ever must decide who she will choose: To either stay human and stay in Forks with her best friend and werewolf, Jacob Black, or to lose her mortality and leave her family and friends forever to be with vampire and boyfriend Edward Cullen and his clan of vampires.

Bella Swan has lived the majority of her life in the sunshine. Now that her mother has remarried, she condemns herself to live in Forks, Washington, found in the rainiest region of the United States, with a father she barely knows. Bella is nervous to live in this small town, but when she meets the mysterious Edward Cullen, she decides that living in Forks may not be as bad as she first thought. But, when she learns the truth about the Cullens, will she leave Forks or stay with Edward, even if it costs her her life? Read Twilight to find out!

In the second installment in Stephenie Meyer's famous vampire series, New Moon, Bella fears turning eighteen and being one year older than her boyfriend, vampire Edward Cullen. So, when Edward and his sister, Alice, plan a small party to celebrate, she is anything but thrilled. Against her wishes, she goes to the party, only for it to turn disastrous. Now, Edward is becoming distant and cool. Bella fears that he blames himself. So, when her fears turn out to be reality, will Bella be able to face the consequences? Or will she die trying?

“I loved it. It was better than the second one.” Becky Guin, Senior, said when asked of her opinion on Eclipse. Lauren Laskoski, Freshman, supported this when she said, “Move over, Harry Potter, here comes Eclipse.” Now that Eclipse has been released, many are patiently waiting for the arrival of the fourth and final Twilight novel, Breaking Dawn, expected on August 2, 2008. Midnight Sun, Edward's side of the story of Twilight, is expected to be released soon after.

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