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Abarat by Clive Barker

February 7, 2008
By Anonymous

Nine headed men, furry cat-like women, dark shrouded enemies, and light filled heroes all reside in a world that is much larger than life, Abarat. Here is where the amazing story of one girl, Candy Quackenbush, takes us after she is swept out of her hometown, Chickentown Minnesota, probably the most boring place on Earth. Yet, the place she finds herself in isn't boring. Abarat, on the contrary, is an exciting, vivid, and exotic world full of mystery and surprises. These snapshots show just a few of the wonders Abarat holds. Abarat, a book like no other, is a masterfully written modern classic that everyone should read.

After growing up in dull Chickentown, Candy suddenly finds herself in Abarat. Here is a fantastic world beyond her wildest dreams, the perfect opposite of her hometown. There after ensues a sequence of daring stunts, sinister plots, and an ongoing chase between Candy and the dark Lord of Midnight himself. Then, when Candy rescues the abused slave Malingo, just escaping from the grasp of another crazy and cruel enemy, she discovers the only thing that will keep her alive through her journey, friendship. Throughout his book, Candy finds more and more that sometimes friends are all you have, to love and to rely on.

Born and raised in tiring Chickentown Candy is a young girl with an insatiable curiosity and a thirst for adventure. Her imagination and desperate boredom then lead her to discover Abarat. There, both Candy and the reader realize that, where a weaker and less creative heroine would have been overwhelmed with the creative, odd, and often creepy characters Clive Barker incorporates into his book, Candy just takes it in stride. Through dangerous quests, creepy encounters, and narrow escapes with lost friends and unusual companions, Candy sees this adventure to the end with only her quick thinking and pure determination to help her along. Candy's spunky, optimistic, go-with-the-flow attitude make her the perfect heroine and main character for Clive Barker's brilliant novel.

Malingo is an orange, fish-like geshrat with a sweet disposition. For many years he has been enslaved by the crazy, greedy, and cruel Kaspar Wolfswinkel on the island of Ninnyhammer. When Candy finds herself on the island and in Kaspar's house Malingo tries his best to help and protect her. Candy finally manages to free herself and Malingo from the abusive Kaspar and they form a strong bond of friendship. From then on, Candy and the sweet, even tempered, and hard working geshrat travel across Abarat together and their friendship never fails.

Clive Barker, the author of Abarat, has a distinct style you can't miss. Every inch of his book, from cover to cover, screams creativity, originality, and wit. Barker manages to weave a spell of enchantment and imagination around you from the moment you open the book. No, even before you dive into the story the detailed cover, the interesting quotes, and even the intriguing font grab your attention. The way Clive Barker writes is fresh and his story is full of new ideas about the differences between good and evil. Before the adventure begins Clive Barker states, “ I dreamed a limitless book, A book unbound, Its leaves scattered in fantastic abundance”. With this fresh, funny, creepy, and stunningly creative book I think he has achieved his goal, for if any book is limitless and unbound it's Abarat by Clive Barker.

As you can see, Clive Barker has created a brilliant and energetic new world in his inspiring new novel, Abarat. For anyone who has a passion for fantasy, adventure, and magic, this is the book for you. With humble geshrats, maniac magicians, and determined rescuers Barker has created here a work of pure genius. Never have I read such an amazing book or heard such an intriguing tale. Barker's novel inspires others to read more as well as discover, create, and explore.

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Wow, this is really awesome! I mean, Abarat has been my favorite book series since forever! It's really cool to see others liking them and knowing how great the Abarat series is! I can't wait until the third comes out!