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Harris and Me by Gary Paulsen

February 13, 2008
By Anonymous

Imagine being in a family where you have two alcoholic parents. Harris and Me by: Gary Paulson. The theme of this book is pretty much no matter where you live try to have fun. Harris and Me is about a boy that has to live with a cousin because his parents are alcoholic's, scary and sad. His cousin's name is Harris. Harris is an odd boy he lives in a family of 5 and a cat. Throughout the time he lives with his cousin he learns how to farm and play odd games. Like swinging from a rooftop into a pile of hay in a barn or catching mice with the cat for $0.05 each My favorite part of this book is when Harris spins out on the bike in the story.

My Honest opinion on this book is it is a great funny and hilarious book. A must read.I recommend this book to people who like really funny and sometimes sad stories.
Ages: (10 and up)

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