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Stormbreaker by Anthony Horwits

February 15, 2008
By Anonymous

The book Stormbreaker by Anthony Horwits tells about a young boy who discovers that his uncle is a spy for a secret company. They say that his uncle died in a car crash but Alex seems that it's not true. Because how the bullets on the side of the car and how they look. His uncle has been taking Alex on adventures like scuba diving, and rock climbing but his uncle was getting him prepared for missions.

After the accident Alex goes home. These two guys dressed in black were standing at the front door and asked him to come with them. What he does not know was his uncle was training him for to be a secret spy. They took Alex down to the spy academy place and told him everything they asked him to be a spy with them and if he does not choose to be a spy than they will send him to a foster home or he can live with his cleaning lady. He thinks about all of this and soon decides he wants to become a spy. Alex realizes does realize that he has to use his karate to battle the forces of evil people.

One day after school (Alex has a crush on Sabrina) Alex was on his bike and he rode home. But he was almost home he was being followed by bad guys. They kept on chasing after him but they got closer and closer. Alex got smart and rode his bike into an old junk yard. Ninjas started to attack him he used his karate skills he learned when he was younger. He fought them off but they kept coming at him. Alex found a big thick rope and swung it around and hit them all in the face it sounds like it hurts.

When Alex has to sneak into the bad guy's party he got put into the bad guy's pet octopus's tank and the octopus sarted to swim and eat Alex but Alex used a special gadget to make the tank explode. When the tank exploded, you can find out for your self so read the book Stormbreaker and find out about Alex and his crazy wild awesome missions and remember he is only 14 years old. I would say that the book Stormbreaker is just like Cody banks the movie but a little more different. My recommendation for this book would have to be at least 12 years old or older to be able to understand the book.

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