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Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen

October 13, 2013
By LivingTheDr3Am DIAMOND, Bedford, New York
LivingTheDr3Am DIAMOND, Bedford, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"Throw me to the wolves and I'll come back leading the pack."


Who needs it? Auden doesn’t. Ever since her parents divorced, the lovely state of unconsciousness has been just out of Auden’s reach. Instead, she climbs out her bedroom window and drives to a 24-hour diner where she’s become a regular, sipping her coffee until the sun comes up.

In a sudden spur of spontaneity, Auden decides to spend the summer with her dad, his overly peppy girlfriend, Heidi, and their new baby in their beautiful beach-front home. Auden knew exactly what to expect: girly Heidi with her entirely pink wardrobe, a cute, quiet baby, and a barely-there dad who spends his time locked up in his study writing novels. However, life at the beach proves itself to be slightly harder than Auden expected. Instead of the happy woman Auden knew, she found Heidi as a completely new woman: dark bags adorned her once-beautiful eyes, limp tendrils of blonde hair clung to her back, and an ever-present, always-screaming baby accompanied her everywhere she went. In addition to this, Auden has to figure out how to steer clear of the girls who work at Heidi’s store with their friendship, gossip and crushes. And then, of course, there’s Eli, a fellow insomniac who becomes her nocturnal tour guide around the unfamiliar town. Together, they try to recreate Auden’s missing childhood. Summer starts feeling to Auden like an endless supply of beautiful nights under the stars…

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