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November 16, 2008
By MarinaE22 SILVER, Vineland, New Jersey
MarinaE22 SILVER, Vineland, New Jersey
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Alright. So a Young Adult book about vamps and some clutz from Washington States may not sound like a literary masterpiece. To a non-twilighter, it may be the recipe of an over-rated, drawn-out, goth-teen love story. That is what I thought, until I read page 1.
Twilight, a Romeo and Juliet-type love tale about a human in love with a vampire, is the hottest book around. It is not a gross-out sci-fi novel at all; more, it is a classic love story fit for the ages of modern science. What I (and many of my friends) anticipated to be a scary Dracula-style piece is actually a charming, addicting novel.
The story features a young, slightly confused girl names Bella, who meets and falls in love (after many tramatic events) a beautiful boy named Edward. Not long after they meet, Edward reveals that he is actually a 100-something-year-old vampire who is attracted to Bella the way a starving kid is attracted to a cheeseburger. Edward resists his natural instincts by holding true to his "vegetarian" diet, therefore keeping Bella safe from his fangs. Knowing that their love is true, these star-crossed kids must find a way to stay together, with Bella nursing Edward's heart and Edward keeping clumsy Bella out of harms way.
So I know what you thinking: not my kind of read at all! But with Bella's charming humor and Edward's compassionate soul, these two (and Edward's vampire 'family') make up the most addicting book of the century. Author Stephenie Meyer, a mother and devout Mormon, has certainly created a masterpiece here!
Not that Meyer's literary style has not been challenged. Many dislike the way the story, told from Bella's view, often skips major descriptions, or puts them where they don't really belong. But the story certainly sounds like something out of a lover-struck teen's head (believe me, I know). And for those of you who do not wish to return to those frightening love-sick days, the movie is arriving soon, which may make witnessing this story a little more bearable.
Whether you discovered Twilight on your own, from a friend, or from the constant publicity it seems to be getting, you must agree that it is well on its way to being a literary classic. I am not surprised that Twilight has now surpassed many of the great series novels, including Harry Potter. Just goes to show you what some had work and love can get you! Thanks for writing this awesome books, Mrs. Meyer!

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