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November 25, 2008
By elaine_forsaken SILVER, Pagadian City, Pennsylvania
elaine_forsaken SILVER, Pagadian City, Pennsylvania
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The book, Twilight, is a romance story written by Stephanie Meyer about two teens holding on to love while overcoming vast differences and great trials. It is said to even rival Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet! This, quite sadly, is not true. The characters are one-dimensional; the plot is full of holes and deja-vu.. Despite what you hear from the army of fans that Meyer has amassed, the book really is that bad. The story revolves around and is told by Isabella "bella" Swan, a teenager who just moved to Forks from Phoenix, Arizona where she develops a circle of friends and catches the eyes of many male student in the school. Aside from mysterious boy, EDward Cullen who is a gentleman to her but constantly tells her he is dangerous. Taking a look at the characters, Bella is very one-sided, beautiful but despite the fact that she always refers to herself as "plain", she somehow wins the hearts of many men for no apparent reason. She also seems to have some mental problem with herself because she is clumsy beyond belief as she is constantly dropping her books and tripping over her own two feet.But the main problem with Bella is her attitude she is whiney throughout the whole book, a pain to read as each chapter passes. Bella is too unrealistic to be believable: when she isn't whining she is gawking at the male handsomeness of Edward Cullen; hardly ever in the book does Meyer allow Bella to think about something other than those two things.

The character of Edward is said to be "dark and mysterious" but the moment he comes into the story he literally becomes the physical embodiment of male cliche. His love for Bella is even questionable as there is no explanation on what attracts him aside from a "special scent" that makes him want to bite her neck.

As a whole the entire cast of Twilight is too perfect, so that there is no way for the reader to immerse themselves in the characters when everything seems too unbelievable. Even Meyer's vampire creations are overpowered, although they posses all the strenghts of a vampire but none of the weaknesses. What more, instead of burning, they glitter under the sun!

Meyer skimp out on the actual "falling in love" of the characters. instead of growing intimacy with all the tenderness and fun in teenage love, the characters just suddenly fall in love. They just realize it in an instant.

Now the question is, despite all the flaws the book has, what makes people love it? It's actually simple; Meyer targets the female-teenage population and hits them in the spot that is the subtle sexual tension and romance that exists in every young teenage girl. The promise of a "perfect relationship" doesn't even exist in the book because of the sheer unbelievable-ness.

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