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July 21, 2018
By MovieReviewer_18 ELITE, Short Hills, New Jersey
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 Annihilation is a science fiction movie that forces the audience to think about big questions without giving them the answers easily. When Lena's husband doesn't come back after an entire year and doesn't contact her during that year, the biologist assumes that he's dead. He eventually comes back, but something isn't right. After a few minutes of finally coming back home, the husband starts to spit up blood. Shortly after, they call an ambulance, but as the ambulance starts to drive to a hospital, a group of men with loaded guns take the husband and his wife. Lena wakes up confused and disoriented in a mysterious place that seems to be housing her husband; she finds out that he is dying. Lena soon talks with a psychologist that tries to interrogate Lena to find out information about what happened to her husband. Lena doesn't give any information, because she doesn't have any. 
 The biologist soon learns that something that has been deemed the "shimmer" is growing, and no one knows what it is or what it is doing. Lena soon learns that many groups of people went into the area (one group at a time), but no one came back; the only person to ever come back was Lena's husband. Lena then meets a group of three ladies who are going into the area with the psychologist. Because her husband is dying, Lena feels an obligation to go and figure out what the area is. So she goes with the psychologist, a paramedic, a physicist, and another scientist who specializes in magnetic fields. Together, the group of scientists go in and start to gather data on the odd phenomenon. While inside, the group start to realize odd things, and they also soon learn why no one ever came back: they were hunted down by strange creatures and went insane. 
 This movie takes science fiction to the next level. Few questions are answered, and even more are asked. The movie is freaky, bloody, spine-chilling, and talks about a threat that could one day happen on Earth. With all of that mixed in with a small dash of horror and some incredibly vivid visual effects, and one gets one of the best recent science fiction movies to come out. 
 The ending is smart and continues to make the audience to ask more questions while not getting the answers; something science fiction seems to be best at. The movie is cosmic, science-packed, but it isn't too hard core. Even for people who doesn't understand all of the science in this movie, they can still watch this movie and find it enjoyable and exciting, because the movie really isn't that confusing. Not only is this movie a science fiction movie, but it is also part mystery, which adds to the entertainment. This movie is also led by females, which is a nice change. Annihilation truly is one of the best recent science fiction movies to come out. 

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Annihilation is one of the best recent science fiction movies to come out. 

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I haven't seen this movie yet, but have been meaning to for a while. I read the book about a year ago, and loved it. Glad to hear the movie was good also. Thanks for the review!