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Isle of Dogs

August 12, 2018
By MovieReviewer_18 ELITE, Short Hills, New Jersey
MovieReviewer_18 ELITE, Short Hills, New Jersey
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 Isle of Dogs is a movie about a twelve year old kid's journey to find his dog, Spots. It all started when the mayor of Megasaki City signs an executive decree that exiles all dogs to Trash Island, because the dogs are coming down with diseases that could spread to humans. The kid, Atari, flies to Trash Island in an attempt to find his dog, Spots, who is the only thing that the boy has. After he crash-lands, Atari meets a group of dogs that he ends up befriending, and the dogs help him on his journey. Meanwhile, back in Megasaki City, a scientist attempts to solve the cures for the diseases, runs for mayor, and a girl looks through clues in an attempt to discover that getting rid of all of the dogs was the current mayor's masterplan. 
 While on the quest to find his dog, one of the other dogs, Chief, has his morals and values become challenged, because as a stray dog, he doesn't like to listen to masters. Along the journey, he learns that the boy isn't so bad, and that having a master is actually a good thing. 
 The movie is well done, but it is definitely unique. Wes Anderson, the director, chose for the movie to be two-dimensional, so there really isn't any diagonal movement. The movie is certainly charming and has a quality that most movies will absolutely not have. The movie is generally joyous, but parts of it are strangely dark. The voices of the dogs are a perfect match for the characters and helps to make the movie feel more magical. The ending of the movie is heartwarming and makes the audience feel good. Isle of Dogs showcases people's love for dogs and how far a boy will go for his dog. The movie was highly regarded by both critics and watchers, because it's simply a masterpiece. 

The author's comments:

Isle of Dogs is perfect for the dog lover inside of everyone. 

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